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Honda Electronic Parts Catalogues
EPC USDM 1973-2001 includes Acura models (Win32bit) .iso Thanks Kronn!   578 MB
EPC Europe v15.0 1982-2009 (Win32bit) .iso key: SKHC95467 Thanks Reminton!   bittorrent 2.3 GB
EPC Europe v16.0 1982-2010 (Win32bit) .iso (StandAlone version) key: PJLZ00643 Thanks Dan!     2.5 GB
EPC Europe v17.0 1982-2011 (Win32bit) .iso (StandAlone version)   bittorrent 3.0 GB

Acura Integra
Acura Manuals - All   bittorrent 500 MB
Integra 1986-1989 DA1 DA3 Manuals Thanks B18Ch1ck!!   89 MB
Integra 1990-1993 Wiring Diagrams   5 MB
Integra 1993 DA9 DB1 DB2 USDM   48 MB
Integra 1994 DB7 DB8 DC2 DC4 USDM bittorrent 37 MB
Integra 1998 DB7 DB8 DC2 DC4 USDM bittorrent 50 MB

Acura RSX
RSX 2002-2003 DC5 includes Type-S K20A2 K20A3 USDM bittorrent 37 MB
RSX 2002-2006 DC5 includes Type-S K20A2 K20A3 K20Z1 USDM   86 MB

Acura CSX
CSX 2006-2009 FD5 Canadian Covers K20Z2 K20Z3 NEW!!   55 MB

Acura TSX
TSX 2004 USDM Repair Manual NON-HELMS    252 MB

Acura NSX
NSX 1991 NA1 bittorrent 44 MB

Acura TL
TL 1995-1998 UA2 UA3 USDM Thanks Kronn!   55 MB
TL 1995-1998 UA2 UA3 Body Repair USDM Thanks Kronn!   5 MB
TL 1999-2003 UA5 Service Manual USDM Thanks Randy! NEW!! bittorrent 797 MB
TL 2004 UA6 USDM bittorrent 37 MB

Acura RL
RL 1996-2004 KA9 Service and Body Repair Manuals   45 MB

Acura EL
EL 1997 MB4   89 MB

Acura Legend
Legend 1988-1990 KA3     42 MB
Legend 1991 KA7 bittorrent 49 MB

Acura Vigor
Vigor 1992-1994 CC2 USDM Thanks Kronn!     36 MB

Honda Civic
Civic Manuals - All   bittorrent 1.14 GB
Civic and CRX 1984-1987 all Models bittorrent 30 MB
Civic 1988 ED1 ED2 ED3 ED4 ED5 ED6 ED7 EC7 EC8 EC9
         Non-CRX with Wiring Diagrams (USDM EDM)
  29 MB
Civic 1988-1989 non-HELMS Service Manual - German   6 MB
Civic 1990-1991 ED3, ED4, ED6, ED7 HELMS USDM wiring/ecu info only bittorrent 17 MB
Civic 1992 EG8 EH2 EH3 EH9 USDM HELMS   85 MB
Civic 1992-1995 EG3 EG4 EG5 EG6 EG7 EG8 EG9 EH1 EH2 EH3 EH4 EH5 EH8 EH9 EJ1 EJ2
         Si B16A2 EDM HELMS
bittorrent 141 MB
Civic 1995 MA8, MA9, MB1 UK HELMS Manual With HMTL Menu bittorrent 47 MB
Civic 1996-2000 EJ6, EJ7, EJ8, EM1 includes Si B16A2 bittorrent 68 MB
Civic 1996–2000 Owners Manual Russian русский   12 MB
Civic 1997 Wiring Diagrams by Mitchell   1 MB
Civic 1998 EN1 USDM HELMS Supplement Thanks Kronn!   4 MB
Civic 2001-2002 EP1 EP2 EP3 EP4 EU3 EU5 EU6 EU7 EU8 EU9 ES1 ES4 ES5 ES8 EM2
         Including turbo diesel and Type-R K20A2 UK EDM Models
bittorrent 165 MB
Civic 2002-2003 Si EP3 USDM bittorrent 28 MB
Civic 2006 FD1 FD2 (K20Z2) ESM Euro Asia Africa - English Thanks Kronn!   38 MB
Civic 2006 FK1 FK2 FK3 (ESM) Italian Portuguese Russian Czech Hungerian Polish   166 MB
Civic 2006-2009 Includes Si USDM NEW! July. 28, 2011 THANKS OSCAR!!!   166 MB
Civic 2006 Si 6-speed Manual Transmission Manual NEW! July. 28, 2011 THANKS OSCAR!!!   2 MB
Civic 2006-2007 FA3 Hybrid USDM Service Manual with ETM NEW! Oct. 12, 2011   65 MB

Honda CRX and delSol
CRX Manuals - All   bittorrent 552 MB
CRX 1984-1987 all Models including Civic bittorrent 30 MB
CRX 1986 AS AF Supplement (includes ZC1 engine)   10 MB
CRX 1988 ED9 D16Ax SOHC/DOHC Non-VTEC Engines   15 MB
CRX 1989 ED9 Supplement   4 MB
CRX 1990 EE6 ED9 Supplement   8 MB
CRX 1990 EE8 JDM B16A1 Supplement bittorrent 7 MB
CRX 1990 ED8 ED9 Electrical Troubleshooting Manual USDM (also covers Civic models)   14 MB
CRX 1991 ED8, ED9, USDM bittorrent 308 MB
CRX 1984-1991 Shuttle Repair Manual russian русский   40 MB
CRX 1996-2001 CRX and Civic Europe-Spain .iso ESM NEW! Oct. 12, 2011   459 MB
delSol 1993 EG1, EH6 HELMS Wiring Section Only bittorrent 14 MB
delSol 1997 Wiring By Mitchell   610 KB

Honda S2000
S2000 2000-2003 AP1 bittorrent 27 MB
S2000 2000 AP1 - ESM  - English Dutch German French Italian Portuguese bittorrent 500 MB

Honda Jazz/Fit
Jazz/Fit 2002-2005 GD1 GD3 GD5 GE2 GE3   70 MB
Jazz/Fit 2009 GE6 GE8 GG1 GG2 GG3 NEW! Oct. 12, 2011   509 MB

Honda Stream
Stream 2001-2004 RN3 (K20A1, K20A5 DOHC i-VTEC) ESM NEW! Sep. 10, 2011   60 MB

Honda Accord
Accord Manuals - All   bittorrent 742 MB
Accord 1986 CA4 CA5 Service Manuals bittorrent 58 MB
Accord 1987 CA4 CA5 supplement   9 MB
Accord 1990 CB1 CB3 CB7 Non-USDM Service Manual   34 MB
Accord 1991 CB1 CB3 CB7 Non-USDM Supplement   6 MB
Accord 1991 CB8 Aero Deck Euro Supplement   3 MB
Accord 1992 CC1 CB3 CB7 CB9 Aero Deck Supplement   14 MB
Accord 1992 CC1 Coupe Supplement   5 MB
Accord 1993 CC1 CC9 CD2 CB3 CB7 CB8 CB8 CB9 USDM Supplement   3 MB
Accord 1993 CC7 UK Service Manual   50 MB
Accord 1994 CE1 CE2 Aero Deck USDM Supplement bittorrent 7 MB
Accord 1994 CD7 CD9 Coupe USDM Service Manual bittorrent 45 MB
Accord 1994 CC7 UK Supplement   10 MB
Accord 1995 CC7 UK Supplement   2 MB
Accord 1996 CE7 CE8 CE9 (with Diesel) UK Supplement   25 MB
Accord 1996-1997 CE7 CE8 CE9 UK Supplement   2 MB
Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 CD7 CD9 Coupe and Aero Deck USDM Supplement   9 MB
Accord 1997 CE1 CE2 Aero Deck Wagon USDM Service Manual   2 MB
Accord 1996 Wire Diagrams By Mitchell   1 MB
Accord 1997 Wire Diagrams By Mitchell   1 MB
Accord 1998-2000 CG7 CG8 CG9 CH1 CH2 CH5 CH6 CH7 CH8 CL3 ESM .iso EDM English German   H22A7 D16B6 D16B7 F18B2 F18B3 F18B4 F20B6 F23Z5 20T2N(diesel)   254 MB
Accord 1998-1999 Russian русский   108 MB
Accord 1993-2000 CE1 CE2 CE7 CE8 CE9 CG2 CG3 CG4 CG7 CG8 CG9 CH1 CH2 CH5 CH6 CH7 CH8 CL3 CD7 CD9 CC7 ESM CD ISO Spanish español all models including diesel   bittorrent 324 MB
Accord 1998-2002 CF8 CG3 CG5 CG6 Includes J30A USDM Factory Service Manual
NEW! Dec. 17, 2012 THANKS OSCAR!!!
bittorrent 130 MB
Accord 2003 CM1 CM2 CL7 CL9 Europe ESM   255 MB
Accord 2003-2007 includes V6 USDM ESM NEW! Nov. 1, 2012 bittorrent 388 MB
Accord 2005 Hybrid CN3 USDM Factory Service Manual NEW! Dec. 17, 2012 bittorrent 57 MB
Accord 2008-2010 CP2 CP3 CS1 CS2 USDM Factory Service Manuals NEW! Nov. 1, 2012 bittorrent 127 MB

Honda Prelude 2nd Gen.
Prelude 1983 AB   58 MB
Prelude 1985 AB Supplement   4 MB
Prelude 1986 AB BA2 Supplement   20 MB
Prelude 1987 AB BA2 BA3 Supplement   3 MB

Honda Prelude 3rd Gen.
Prelude 1988 BA3 BA4 EDM   34 MB
Prelude 1989 BA4 EDM Supplement   8 MB
Prelude 1990 BA4 EDM Supplement   15 MB

Honda Prelude 4th Gen.
Prelude 1992-1996 By Mitchel on Demand   16 MB
Prelude 1992-1996 BB1 BB2 BB3 BA8 Euro USDM - H22A1-H22A2, H23x, F20x   70 MB
Prelude 1993 BB1 BB2 BA8 USDM - H22A1 H23A1 F22A1   35 MB

Honda Prelude 5th Gen.
Prelude 1997-1999 BB6 - All 24 Chapters (Includes Wiring Diagrams By Mitchell) Thanks Chan!   bittorrent 380 MB
Prelude 1997-1999 BB6 USDM Thanks Kronn!   137 MB
Prelude 1997-1999 BB6 USDM Electrical Guide Thanks Kronn!   35 MB
Prelude 1997 Wiring Diagrams By Mitchell   1 MB

Honda Odyssey
Odyssey 2002 RL1 Spanish-Español (Mexico and Saudi Arabia)   12 MB
Odyssey 1997 Wiring Diagrams By Mitchell   1 MB

Honda CR-V
CR-V 1997 Wiring Diagrams By Mitchell   1 MB
CR-V 1997-2000 RD1 RD2 USDM   36 MB
CR-V 2000-2002 RD5 RD7 RD8   296 MB
CR-V 2007-2009 RE3 RE4 USDM Thanks Kronn! Mirror   925 MB

Honda Element
Element 2003-2005 YH1 YH2 USDM Thanks Kronn!   214 MB
Element 2003-2006 Service Manual non-HELMS NEW! Added Oct. 10, 2011   310 MB
Element 2004-2007 Owners Manuals NEW! Added Oct. 10, 2011   13 MB
Element 2007-2008 Service Manual non-HELMS NEW! Added Oct. 10, 2011   99 MB

Honda HR-V
HR-V 1999-2000 GH1 GH2 ESM Manual     69 MB

Honda Passport
Passport 1997 Wiring Diagrams By Mitchell   1 MB

Honda Pilot
Pilot 2006-2007 ETM NEW! Added Oct. 10, 2011   25 MB

Honda Ridgeline
Ridgeline 2006-2007 YK1 USDM Service Manual NEW! Added Oct. 10, 2011   54 MB

Honda/Rover Concerto
Concerto 1990-1994 HW with HTML Menus   39 MB
Rover_Coupe (pre and post 1992 models) with Honda engines D16Z2 D16A6 D16A8 D16A9 (ZC) By Haynes   29 MB

Honda Acty
Acty   ** If anyone has this please let me know **     328 MB

HAYNES - Data Book
HAYNES - Data Book 1976-1997 Covers 42 different Manufacturers   bittorrent 429 MB

Other Books
Honda Engine Swaps - by Aaron Bonk bittorrent 25 MB
Ultimate H22A Aftermarket Guide by Nathan Morris   1 MB
Ultimate H22A Swap Guide by Nathan Morris   1 MB
Accord Chassis with H22 Engine   1 MB
Maximum Boost by Corky Bell   25 MB
Longwood Duel Fuel Furnace Mark VII User Manual Our Server   4 MB

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